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Pi18650 RASPBERRY Pi SMART UPS With Remote_Reboot
Pi18650 DUAL

The Pi18650 SMART UPS and WROOM32-DONGLE were designed to give the Raspberry Pi or SBC mobile power on the move and provide a UPS solution with extended backup times. There are many options and flavors of Lithium Ion batteries in the 18650 Cell form factor. Whether you are using robots, data logging applications, industrial monitoring or video applications there is a possible failure of Os when not properly shutdown as with Windows and other PC's. The Pi18650 Smart UPS also has an 8 PIN header to allow remote applications using our WROOM32-DONGLE. Advanced battery monitoring, power management, mode selection, I2C and status updates are performed by an onboard low poewer microcontroller.

Regulated power is provided to the Raspberry Pi via the Lithium Ion battery or the USB power adapter with the battery supplying much more current. Two jumpers allow either the battery to be completely removed from the load or to disable power to the Raspberry Pi. Reverse battery connection has been implemented for added protection. Status LED's provide visuals on battery charging status and power from the adapter. In addition to the status LEDs, a python class script has been written so battery voltage can also be monitored in a running program and a proper shutdown invoked when the power adapter is not connected or interrupted. When running applicatins where data is critical or IoT integrated systems allow remote control of devices, reliability becomes a concern and a solution for UPS is needed.

The WROOM32-DONGLE adds additional features such as Remote-Reboot and Data Logging and can be used as a stand-alone product which has battery charging, regulator, USB UART for programming and monitoring along with LED's and GPIO.