About Us

Enutil Energy Inc. was formed in 2011 and dedicated to offering efficient solutions for Energy Management, RFID and IoT based products and services to the consumer and commercial industry. We allow the customer to take control of their costs, reduce carbon footprint and create profitability for long term investments. We see increasing opportunities in the future as governments support the sustainability of our environment and society for future generations to come. Our development of Cloud Computing services will benefit the home or condo owner, landlord, facility/property/building/hotel/energy managers for a low cost monthly fee. Our enterprise solutions will allow the user to manage multiple building information, free up time for onsite management, allow scheduling of contractors, provide transperancy between property managers and onsite management, access tips and information on equipment, repairs and options, integrate energy and smart meter monitoring for utility use or renewble energy production, send updates and alerts, reminder calls for appointments, and much much more. Our experience working with many property management companies, property managers and over 400 building audits gives us the insight to many problems which can be resolved efficiently.

We also develop products and provide solutions for integrating RFID for 125KHz, 13.56Mhz and 900MHz UHF applications offerring cost and performance options for meeting your budget requirements. Whether you need antenna multiplexors, special cable and connector assemblies, antenna and rfid reader design or custom needs, we can provide a solution. Our technical team has many years of experience including our local and offshore manufacturers, contractors and suppliers.

Mission Statement
To provide products and services to establish sustainability, profitability and integration of IoT for energy and RF applications allowing customers to reduce consumption and increase efficiency.