Power Meter Monitoring

View your energy consumption in the power meter updated every 5 minutes. See your trends and adjust your utility rates to view impact of cost increases. Being aware of the fact that consumption of energy produces pollution into our environment helps in conservation efforts and environmental sustainability.


Temperature-Humidity Monitoring

This feature for our Enterprise Solutions is available for the Green membership so that users who have applications which require the constant monitoring of temperature or humidity for server rooms, meter testing equipment, fridges, biological research, computer rooms, manufacturing, healthcare, horticulture or other needs can integrate our modules to monitor, view and store data in the cloud.

Email-SMS Alerts and Messages

Receive monthly email messages on energy consumption, cost, GHG emissions, industry information, meter disconnections, news releases and more. If you don't have the time to log in each month, our system will keep you updated on your energy details. Up to 2 SMS messages will be sent each month with generated alerts.

Phantom Power

Phantom power is not a scary movie but something that exists in all of our homes when we consider everything to be off. These phantom loads are present in equipment and appliances that use electricity and do not have an On/Off mechanical switch. Knowing your phantom loads and how much you are consuming can help you to reduce your utility bill and energy consumption.


Our membership forum allows users to post and view messages about energy consumption, renewables, techinical tips, concerns, how to's, and other information building a community to share ideas and communicate on the subjects that affect our environment and daily lives.

Time-Of-Use (TOU) and Tiered Tracking

This fairly new system of utility billing dependant on energy use in designated times of the day can increase your utility bill substantially. Many of us cannot change our schedules to energy usage in lower TOU periods and need to know the cost impact of such changes. Our system allows users to see the current TOU period when logged in and breaks down consumption and cost in Real-Time.


Enutil Energy Inc. is continuosly working to provide software solutions and integration of 3rd party hardware devices to enhance user experience and functionality of our Cloud based system. As our company grows, new features and products will be added to our system and portfolio in the near future.


With our experience in the industry, Enutil Energy Inc. will help our customers with their questions and concerns they have to provide cost effective solutions to their problems. Our email ticketing system is available when you have logged into your account.

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The environment is something precious we all integrate with and enjoy each day. Continuous demand for energy is increasing pollution at an excellerated rate and methods need to be put in place to reduce consumption while sustaining growth of the communities.