Building Relations Management Software (BRMS)
Our first generation Building Relations Management Software is a feature rich enterprise program helping businesses manage, organize and process data for energy, environment and water monitoring. Managing interaction and processes between buildings in one or multiple locations can be an intricate operation and in-efficiencies can have a large impact on costs and bottom line results. Our software has been designed to interface with 3rd party products and Building Automation Systems (BAS) to help you save and increase your productivity with access anytime... anywhere...
3D Printed Products
With the advancement in 3D printing technology with new materials, processes and availability, Enutil Energy Inc. has launched the development of a product line featuring 3D printed housings to contain our modular monitoring devices. This technology offers more sophisticated design structures which are not limited by mechanical mold techniques, color and material options and a fast turn-around for engineering changes and upgrades. 3D printing technology will be a major player in the design of consumer and commercial products now and in the years to come.
LEC Lighting Systems
Light Emitting Capacitive (LEC) technology is revolutionizing the lighting industry with low power consumption, flexible lighting panels and an even distribution of light over the medium. New products entering the market are geared towards direct drop in replacements for LED and conventional Incandescent lighting. Lighting equates to 30-40% of utility costs in buildings as some areas require 24/7 lighting for security and safety regulations. Enutil Energy Inc. offers custom lighting designs, audits and retrofits to help you in your conservation initiatives and reducing operating costs.
Products in the Pipeline
Enutil Energy Inc. is currently working on two concept designs in addition to our other products for the mobile analyzer market and thermostat technology. We believe that environment data is becomming more important for tracking changes and effects that our society is having on our surroundings and lives. We are working to adapt thermostat technology to more than just a device on the wall that controls our environment and how to adapt this product to complete more tasks around the home and office. Stay tuned to hear more about our products in the pipeline.
iSenze TH1Pi
Our temperature monitoring device iSenze TH1Pi is a robust web integrated multi-port monitoring device built on a single-board-computer (SBC). An influx of low cost SBC's has sparked a myriad of devices built on these embedded structures. With the power of a computer in your hand this product provides more that just a monitor as it is mobile, has wireless capabilities, stand-alone, supports games and HDMI viewing with the accuracy of a lab instrument. They are perfect for data center, buildings, offices, labs, metrology and many more applications requiring the constant monitoring of temperature variables. We are also working to implement a BACnet protocol allowing integration with BAS systems.
iSenze HH1Pi
Our humidity monitoring device iSenze HH1Pi is a robust web integrated multi-port monitoring device built on a single-board-computer (SBC). This device can work seamlessly with the TH1Pi to provide both temperature and humidity data in multiple locations within your building envelop. Data can be aggregated to our servers via a network connection for viewing and processing with graphs and reports. A future control panel system is in development to provide secure control of devices via our portal.
Pilot Programs for Businesses
Not sure where to start! Enutil Energy Inc. will work with you on a pilot program to show you where and how savings can be made accross your portfolio, building, chain or franchises. There are several options to consider whether lighting, electrical, water we will help you save.