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Solar Power

The Ontario government's FIT and MicroFIT programs provide a means for profitable, renewable sustainable clean energy. Available through an application process controlled by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Solar PV systems 10KW (Kilowatt) or less fit into the MicroFIT program and larger systems into the FIT program. Enutil Energy will work with you to determine your system requirements, feasibility and guide you through the application process.


TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW as the FIT and MicroFIT programs will be assessed and revised by the OPA in the near future. The increase in production of solar panels and new technologies reduce material costs and increase profitability. Guaranteed 20 year contracts from the government will ensure your payments are received for the full term of the contract (with current regulations, terms may vary in the future).


Financing is available and we will assist you in making your decision. Contact us now to have a site audit completed and assess your installation. We provide operation, maintenance and troubleshooting services for your new or existing systems.

Online Solar Application

Complete an online application HERE and one of our representatives will get in contact with you shortly to assess whether your porperty is suitable for installation.

Most audits will require a site audit to determine roof structure, solar footprint, shading, geographical location and information required for engineering.