Building Energy Monitoring

View multiple building energy consumption in the View Buildings tab. As a builidng, landlord, property, facility or energy manager, you may be required to manage several buildings in a portfolio. Meter data is uploaded every 5 minutes providing Real-Time values of energy consumption simultaneously. Energy consumption in buildings can reach in the thousands of dollars each month and a small percentage of savings adds to substantial revenues.


Temperature-Humidity Monitoring

Applications which require the constant monitoring of temperature or humidity for server rooms, machinery, electrical equipment, fridges, biological research, computer rooms, manufacturing, healthcare, horticulture or other needs can integrate our modules to monitor, view and store data in the cloud.

Email-SMS Alerts and Messages

Multiple user system allows for messages to be delivered to selected staff in your company. Configure your messages and alerts on a user and building basis. Messages range from budgets, energy consumption, cost, GHG emissions, meter disconnections and appointments. If you don't have the time to log in each month, our system will keep your staff updated on your building operations and efficiency.


Managing a building requires several staff both onsite and remote to ensure operations flow seamlessly. Our user hierarchy system allows access to each user in your company to specified features, budgets, viewing, building details, calendar and controls. Configure, add and delete users as needed within your portfolio. Users range from administrator down to guest and contractor levels. This provides cohesivness and transperancy increasing communications across all levels.


Building managers and staff require ongoing coordination and scheduling of daily activities within a building. Many available calendars group all appointments together building confusion and stress. Our consolidated calendar provides seamless appointment scheduling and reminders to specified users and buildings in your portfolio. Within seconds multiple building appointments can be viewed, updated and scheduled in your calendar.

Virtual Tour

Buildings are a source of revenue for most companies and require viewings and visits for potential leases and tenants. Having your guests view virtual tours of your units, office space or apartments for rent allows filtering of the number of visits to your onsite staff allowing more work to be completed by your superintendants. Managing your visits in the Cloud creates efficiency of time management.


Building budgets are very important in determining P&L for your property, future investments, operations and staff. Our budgeting system monitors utility costs and can be integrated to meters or completed via manual entry. Have monthly budget messages sent to your users keeping them on track with costs and targets. Utility costs can be substantial for multi-residential and commercial buildings thus the assistance of monitoring software is needed.


Create and view reports on energy consumption, conservation, GHG emissions, performance, appointments, budgets and utilities. Reports and data are stored and backed-up in a secure database Cloud system. Keeping a track record allows users to see progress, goals and analysis of Key-Strategic-Initiatives (KSI's).

Virtual Folders

Store building detials such as metering equipment manufacturers and providers, contractors, units available and under repair or renovation, rooftop tenants for wireless communication networks, backup and renewable systems, primary and secondary heating, building type and more. Have access to your information at the click of a mouse and increase efficiecy in property management, operations and emergency response.

Building Performance

Managing or owning a portfolio of buildings can be risky if the building performace is under achieving. Increasing your building performance will increase revenue and profits. Compare building performance for energy and utility across your portfolio. Increase energy efficiency and environmental sustainability while creating Return-On-Investments (ROI).


Establish a list of key contacts within your company and building portfolio for operations and management. Easily find numbers and names of contacts used regularily.

Management and Efficiency

Our Cloud based software has been engineered to meet the ongoing demand for building and energy management systems. Ideal for Hotels, Manufacturing Plants, Multi-Residential Buildings, Landlords, Property Management Companies, Retail, Hospitals, Institutions, Commercial and Government Buildings, Food Industry, Franchises and more. Our low cost monthly fee provides access to advanced tools and web technologies with no need for contracts or expensive software. Purchase small advertising space on our membership Welcome landing page for further exposure.


Enutil Energy Inc. is continuosly working to provide software solutions and integration of 3rd party hardware devices to enhance user experience and functionality of our Cloud based system. As our company grows, new features and products will be added to our system and portfolio in the near future.


With our experience in the industry, Enutil Energy Inc. will help our customers with their questions and concerns they have to provide cost effective solutions to their problems. Our email ticketing system is available when you have logged into your account.

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The environment is something precious we all integrate with and enjoy each day. Continuous demand for energy is increasing pollution at an excellerated rate and methods need to be put in place to reduce consumption while sustaining growth of the communities.