Metering Services

Enutil Energy Inc. is a leading provider of smart grid and smart metering services for the hydro industry. We have over 75 years of combined experience in the utility industry. With experience in engineering, commissioning, testing, inspections, management, technical support and troubleshooting in over 170+ multi-residential, industrial and commercial buildings.


We are dedicated to completing your projects on time and on budget. Our indepth experience working with the Electrical Safety Authority allows us to provide the support you need to get your installations approved. Smart metering equipment interfaces with new and existing electrical infrastructures and damage to equipment and buidlings can occur if not properly installed. Our experienced technicians, project managers and engineers will guarantee that designs meet industry standards and regulations and safety is top priority.


Smart metering systems also require some form of a communications medium and we are well equipped to assist you in your selection, design and implementation of communications. Power Line Carier which uses existing electricity conductors to transmit information is used widely throughout the industry. Other systems implement ethernet, wireless and direct phone line communications. We are experienced in all and understand the pros and cons of using each communications meduim.


We can provide full system packages such as design, Asbuilts, inpsection documents, permits, verifications, sealing certificates and ongoing maintenance and support of your metering system. Having a metering system installed into your facilities, office or multi-residential building by a provider should have some sort of third party support. There are many industry rules and regulations that apply to the use of revenue equipment and non-conformances, faulty equipment or improper documentation or billing can cause serious problems with your tenants and others involved. Don't be left in the dark and get the support ensuring your liabilities are minimal.


ABase meters are common in older buildings and we can provide a means of installating meters to the existing infrastructure or completing a full upgrade to newer equipment. We are experienced in retrofitting or upgrading buildings to be feasible for meter integration. This includes removal and reinstallation of electrical distribution panels, disconnect switches, demolition or extrusion of equipment from walls and existing infrastructures.


Our experience covers equipment such as Elster, Triacta, Itron, Quad Logics, IMS, Intellimeter and other manufacturers in the market. Each system is unique in its' own way and having the knowledge to know which equipment will fit best is imperative. We can specify equipment specifications and procurement.


Having worked with some of the largest and smallest contrators both locally and throughout the region and provinces, we can select the right company for the project. If time constraints are critical, we can provide additional support to get the job done quickly. Our six step approach A-D-P-C-C-S (Audit, Design, Project Manage, Commission, Closeout and Satisfaction) our customers requirements will ensure that you have a system with integrity and can count on years of savings and support. We offer customer service and support agreements for the life of your system. Contact us further to find our more on our metering systems services and support.


If you are looking to enter a new type of metering equipment into the market, we provide R&D support services to get the design complete along with the proper approvals such as CSA/CUL/UL and Measurement Canada.


Water Meters

Water meters can be an integral part of an energy management system within a commercial, industrial or multi-residential establisment. Enutil Energy Inc. can provide engineering, procurement installation and project management services to get your water meter project completed. We can also audit your facility and provide reports on feasibility, cost, timelines and benefits of installing water meters. We provide full support of AMR and AMI systems.



Natural Gas
Installation of individual or bulk natural gas meters can provide savings for multi-residential and commercial establishments. We can assist you with your installation, management and procument of natural gas meters.