IoT and IIoT Industry 4.0

With the advent of Industry 4.0, IoT and IIoT, Enutil Energy Inc. has positioned itself in the forefront of developing innovative products and solutions to aid in the transition of digitizing the manufacturing industry. There are key benefits to migrating your legacy PLC, metering and industrial computing systems to web based analytics, monitoring and control. Our engineering team can provide software, hardware and mechanical systems design and are ready to help you transform your operation to the next wave of technological revolution. Custom designed RF, Wifi, BLE, CanBus, ModBus, Satellite and LTE systems can be developed to your specific requirements to streamline integration. Don't hesitate to contact us and find out more on how we can assist you. Send us a message on our Contact page or give us a call.

Site Audits
Site audits are very important in determining the feasibility of your building for implementation of energy management and IoT systems. Knowledge of the electrical, water and gas piping infrastructure will allow us to provide you with options and guide you through the process of procurement, choice of providers and steps involved. Utility metering is a very intricate industry and there are many rules and regulations that are required and must be followed prior, during and after the installation of submetering equipment. We can provide full support for your submetering installation systems.
Engineering Support
Enutil Energy can provide energy management and IoT engineering support services for the commercial, residential, industrial and government sectors. Preparation of manuals and maintenance schedules, feasibility studies, design, AutoCAD, blueprint reading, planning and day-to-day support. Our services are abailable to our clients via on site, a local office location or on the web.
System startup, programming, verifications, As Built's for electrical, automation, utilities and renewable sectors. On site and field work available to our clients. For new construction and developers, a multiple phase approach can be implemented for submetering systems and electrical equipment.
Utility Bill Verification
Utility bill types such as electricity, gas and water. We will analyze utility billing data and determine whether your systems and in check with your bills. Billing companies do make mistakes and your bills can be challenged for returns and reimbusement. Knowing your energy consumption while monitoring them closely will help to alleviate wrong billing. For multi-residential and commercial industries, bulk bills can be in the tens of thousands and a small error can equate to a substantial amount of return.
Water Management

Water consumption and bulk bills can account for a substantial amount of utility bills. Consider having your building or facility autdited for the installation of water meters and water management systems. Water meter reading, assessment, upgrades and retrofit services are available.

Sub Metering
We provide services for site auditing, commissioning, design, investigation, troubleshooting, AsBuilts, meter reading, procurement, installation, upgrades and programming for industrial, multi-residential and commercial sectors. Take control of your bulk bills by implementing a submetering system. We have experience with Quad Logics, Triacta, IMS, Itron, Elster, Ista and other manufacturers of metering equipment. We also provide a third party service to support you in the installation of submetering equipment as regulations have changed.
Communications systems are required throughout multi-residential and commercial buildings for support of submetering equipment. We can analyze, design and upgrade communications systems that are outdated, having integrity issues or new implementations. Automating your submetering reads can save time and money providing daily data on consumption and management.
LED and Lighting
Lighting systems are present throughout buildings and facilities and can be a key approach to energy reduction. LED technology has advanced such that retro systems are easily implemented at reasonable costs. Determining the quality of light vs energy consumption is important in managing your bills. Bulbs, lamps and LED all emit a different quality and colour temperature of light. It is important to understand what is best for your application as there may be other options avialable.
Project Management
Enutil Energy provides top quality project management services. Our project management professionals work to gether with our clients to evaluate capital project, timelines, cost analysis, reduce risks, direct and manage processes and ensure deliverables are met. Our extensive experience spanning automotive, energy management and industrial sectors accounts for several hundred projects being completed on time and on budget. We have managed projects costing several thousand to multi-million dollar projecs. We can prepare scope of work, bid packages, contractor selection, scheduling and project close-out.
Enutil Energy Inc. is an independant industry leader providing energy management services to multi-residential, commercial and industrial sectors for water, hydro and gas. Our online tools and various services helps customers to reduce consumption and reallocate savings.

We provide engineering

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Our management services cover a broad range from construction, retrofits, project management, site supervision, metering installations and support.
Delivery of cost savings and environmentally sustainable systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.