Terms Of Service


1. Enutil Energy Inc. provides its online service "EnutilPro"(outlined below) to You (the customer) and is subject to the Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. By signing up to this service, You agree to the TOS and any use, accessing of services or products purchased on Enutil Energy Inc. is bound by this agreement. This agreement becomes effective on the day of signing up, or the date of purchasing online products and your agreement by checking the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox or confirmation email from Enutil Energy Inc. for purchases or registration. This agreement is effective for the term/duration of your membership or life of the product purchased online at Enutil Energy Inc.. Enutil Energy Inc. reserves the right to terminate this agreement (and/or membership account) at their discretion within 15 days notice or without notice upon any violation of this agreement. You have the right to terminate this agreement with 15 days notice and minimum charge of one (1) month service fee (according to membership plan) will be applied if term of the membership falls short of thirty (30) days. You acknoledge that you have the authority to bind this agreement representing You and any affiliates.


2. Enutil Energy Inc. reserves the right to change or revise the TOS in the future as it deems necessary and will be available for viewing online at our Home Page www.enutil-energy.com under the "Terms of Use" link. Upon revision of the TOS, You acknowledge and agree to the latest revision of the TOS upon posting at www.enutil-energy.com under the "Terms of Use" link.


3. Use of information available or products purchased on www.enutil-energy.com and/or "EnutilPro" is provided with no liability to Enutil Energy Inc. whether operated or installed or used by You or your affiliates for any purpose. Any links provided on www.enutil-energy.com or "EnutilPro" to other websites or "Third Parties" is for information only and Enutil Energy Inc. does not support, endorse or accept any liablility for these websites and the products or information provided on these websites.


4. "EnutilPro" Service Description: "EnutilPro" has been designed to integrate with energy monitoring systems available from "Third Party" manufacturers and provides detailed energy information (in the form of graphs and values) on consumption of electricity. Not all energy monitoring systems are compliant with the "EnutilPro" software and may be added in the future at the discretion of Enutil Energy Inc.. "EnutilPro" processes xml data from the energy monitory system (described below in 10.) sucessfully "Posting" (described below in 9.) data to Enutil Energy Inc. websites or servers for conversion into graphs and numerical values used in electricity consumption and billing viewed in the dashboard layout. Failure of the energy monitoring system's internet, network, gateway or other devices providing an internet connection may cause the loss of some data affecting graphs and values for that period and Enutil Energy Inc. will accept no responsibility of the lost data. Enutil Eergy Inc. servers may fail due to unforseen or uncontrollable circumstances at which point data may be lost from posting and Enutil Energy Inc. will accept no responsibility of the lost data. Enutil Energy Inc. reserves the right to change, update, modify or revise the "EnutilPro" software and tools available online at anytime Enutil Energy Inc. feels necessary. For proper functionality of "EnutilPro", user input is required for utility bill entry, Metering Transmitting Unit (MTU) ID's and other items and errors may occur if not done properly by the user. Help is provided online or via email to Enutil Energy Inc. for assistance with "EnutilPro". "EnutilPro" has been designed using "Javascript" programming language and it is a requirement by the user to enable "Javascript" in their browser for the software to work. If the user does not enable "Javascript", "EnutilPro" will not work and Enutil Energy Inc. will not accept any liability for loss of time or membership fees.


5. Information and software tools available at www.enutil-energy.com and "EnutilPro" is either owned or provided to Enutil Energy Inc. by a license and You may not sell, lease, transfer, distribute or make available to any "Third Party" for commercial or personal use other than what is outlined in this TOS. Information may not be copied, modified or changed by You at anytime during the use of this service. Any "Third Party" infomation or sofware is bound by thier TOS in addition to Enutil Energy Inc. TOS.


6. Currently, Enutil Energy Inc. provides services to Canada and United States of America (US) only for "EnutilPro" online software. Enutil Energy Inc. reserves the right to expand to interantional customers residing outside of Canada and the US at a time which Enutil Energy Inc. deems it necessary.


7. By You agreeing (signing) to the TOS, You will abide by all laws and regulations (Local, State, Federal and/or Provincial) within Canada and the US.


8. Membership to "EnutilPro" is on a month by month basis at which point your credit card, according to membership plan monthly fees will be charged until such time You terminate your membership. A fifteen (15) day notice is required upon cancellation of your membership to "EnutilPro". All information provided during the registration process is true to your knowledge and is required for the completion of the registration process. Membership plans may be available now or in the future for upgrade or purchase. Membership plans may be purchased for Utility Bill Monitoring, Energy Management and other services avaialable with or without an energy monitoring system. Any information used or posted by a member (such as forum post, username, videos, documents, etc.) may not be rude or offensive in any way or violate any Enutil Energy Inc. terms or agreements or any "Third Party"terms, agreements or privacy rights or any laws or regulations. Your username and password should be kept confidential and protected from anyone other than yourself. Passwords are encoded and only known to You the user. Memberships may not be transferred or sold to anyone in anyway and use is permitted to You the member. You may allow your family members to access your membership account and are responsible for any actions they may incur and Enutil Energy Inc. accepts no liability for thier actions. For membership plans which allow multiple users to have their own username and password, an administrator account (membership) will have full control of thier users access to tools, information and software provided in "EnutilPro" and is responsible for their actions and Enutil Energy Inc. accepts no liability for thier actions. Membership fees may increase from time to time at the discretion of Enutil Energy Inc. when deemed necessary. Notices will be sent to members prior to monthly membership fee increases either via email, next login or RSS feed. All payments and processing are completed through the "Paypal" secure system at www.paypal.com and You will have to register an account with them or pay as a guest via our transaction process. Once a payment has been made for a membership plan, an automatic payment notice is sent to our servers activating your account and monthly recurring payments. Once You have received a confirmation email from Enutil Energy Inc. and click the link, you will be able to access your online account in "EnutilPro". You are limited to creating only one (1) membership account. Membership accounts do not come with energy monitoring hardware which may be purchased separately either online or by contacting our sales department. Installation services are available upon request for additional costs and pricing dependant on the installation whether design and setup work is required or running of communications wire such as CAT3/5/6.


9. Posting is defined as an energy monitoring device requesting a webpage or script and sending data to the web page or script via the browser's "POST" method. This data is recorded by the web page or script and stored in an xml or text file. "Third Party" energy monitoring systems may have different methods and sending data to servers.


10. Energy Monitoring System is defined as a device, system, meter, unit or electronic product which can monitor electricity consumption and store, transmit, display information to the user or program it is communicating with. Energy monitoring systems are not included in the membership fees and can be purchased online or by contacting our sales department.


11. Energy monitoring hardware is covered by "Third Party" manufacturers warranty and replacements can be made directly through the "Third Party" along with technical support. Enutil Energy Inc. will provide technical support to the best of their knowledge of the "Third Party" energy monitoring system and may direct the customer to deal directly with the "Third Party" manufacturer when technical issues with the energy monitoring system cannot be resolved. An internet connection is required for the "Third Party" energy monitoring system to communicate with "EnutilPro" online software and a reliable connection is required to reduce the occurance of lost data. Enutil Energy Inc. accepts no responsiblity of energy monitoring systems installed by You or your affiliates at any location. Enutil Energy Inc. has electricians on contact and experienced technicians for installation of energy monitoring systems. Electricians are avialable almost anywhere in towns, cities and suburbs.


12. Returns of energy monitoring systems purchased at www.enutil-energy.com are available with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requested from Enutil Energy Inc. either by phone or email along with all original documentation, parts, MTU's, gateway, packaging, wire and cables etc., and must be in new condition without damage to internal or external parts or packaging. Shipping is the sole responsibility of You for returns of merchandise to our corporate address.


13. If You do not agree with the TOS, do not use "EnutilPro" or purchase any items on www.enutil-energy.com.


14. Limited Liability: Enutil Energy Inc. accepts no liability for the use of "EnutilPro", any software, hardware, information, advise, documentation or item purchased at www.enutil-energy.com and is provided for You at your sole risk on an as needed, as avialable basis to the fullest extent permissable by applicable laws and regulations.


15. Development of programming, software and internet technologies is not without error and unknown circumstances may arise. Due to the reporting times of the energy monitoring systems, various browser functionality, server technologies, networks and providers. Enutil Energy Inc. provides no gurantee for continuous and uninterrupted website access and use of software, tools, information, site, services and equipment.


16. Indemnity aggreement: You agree to indemnify and hold all persons, employee's, Third Party, affiliates, agents, directors, executives, partners, managers, shareholders, members, officers, technicians not responsible for any loss, costs, liability or claim incurred by You or your affiliates for misuse or misconduct of equipment, software, information, advice, videos.


17. Technical Support and Service for products purchased online at www.enutil-energy.com ecommerce store should be made directly to the manufacturer of the product according to their terms and conditions.


18. Videos, Photos, Forums: You agree to not post, discuss, upload, process data, information or links to child pornography, or pornography of any type, including graphic content depicting violence, sexual images, nude images, S&M, any sexual content, beastiality, rape, torture, assult, abuse, degrading messages, notes, advertising, or content which Enutil Energy Inc. feels harmful to other members, society or affects business operations and will result in the immediate suspension of your account or termination at Enutil Energy Inc. discretion. Any information placed on Enutil Energy Inc.'s sites, servers or web pages must be related to the managment of energy, conservation of energy (advise, tips, instructions, instructional videos, help, support), reduction of Green House Gases (GHG's) and pollution and sustainability of the environment.