Enutil Energy develops wired and wireless devices for Internet of Things integration. IoT has grown substantially with the support of major product manufacturers and services such as Samsung (Artik Cloud), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (IoT Suite), Intel and many more. IoT allows devices to stream data to cloud servers for storage, analytics, user messaging and connecting to other devices. This allows businesses and people to access real-time data as it is uploaded and processed on the servers. Devices can be installed in businesses, homes, offices, farms and anywhere sensors can be used for gathering data. Monitoring of environmental data, security systems, home automation, patients health, equipment, inventory systems are all possible to name a few. Devices can be low cost to enterprise systems distributed throughout one or mutliple locations. Reasonable pricing is available for IoT Cloud integration based on number of devices and data usage. If you looking to have your Proof-Of-Concept developed and tested, please contact us for further information.

Iot devices can be stand alone, integrated to the many Single Board Computers (SBC's) on the market or even existing products currently in development. They are usually connected via ethernet cable, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wireless or via other LoRa/RF technologies. These devices communicate to mobile smart phones and IT infrasture and networks to send data to cloud based or local servers. This data is then processed and available to users for viewing and control.

Our recent design includes USB 2.0 Hybrid HUB with a Type C connector, Microcontroller and interface headers. This was designed for the Raspberry Pi to provide features of On-The-Fly power switching, Dual Role Port and Digital and Analog sensor interfaces. The Raspberry Pi is being used all over the world in the maker community, commercial and consumer products which has the capabilities to be IoT connected.

Home automation is a rapidly growing sector of the IoT industry. Everything from Pet Feeders, Connected Appliances, Cameras and Thermostats to name a few, provide data and control for users remotely via web interface or smart phone app's. Smart Home Automation can be directly tied to envery management and savings as metering and monitoring devices can show excessive use of equipment and systems used throughout our homes. Knowing how much and when energy is being consumed can provide a quick path to energy reduction and savings. Our Smart Home Monitoring device currently in development will provide users with the added sense of safety as it interfaces with multiple sensors and placed within the living area. This device is designed to contact users via text messages, audible alerts, phone calls and web dashboards if sensor alarm levels are triggered. There have been many sad events in the news which could have been prevented if people had added techology to help keep their homes safe.