Enutil Energy provides custom design solutions for handheld and mountable RFID readers, antennas, equipment and accessories for retail, security, access control, event and item tracking. We keep up to date on the latest technologies in RFID components and systems available on the market and familiar with the ISO 18000-6C GEN 2 protocol. We also provide consulting on existing systems, integration, upgrades and custom cabling. RFID systems are all around us in credit cards, highway tolling systems, security passes, pet tracking and much more. In the near future RFID systems will revolutionize the retail industy as more companies integrate these systems into their existing IT infrastructure and benefit from increased efficiency and accuracy in store and logistics operations while providing enhanced services to their customers. Contact us to find out more.

RFID wristbands can be used with NFC and UHF readers for events, gaming and electronic ticketing systems. Even integrated with video recording sytems for specific user data capture and uploading to servers for downloading and analytics. UHF RFID readers also have the capability to program and update tag info such as EPC and USER DATA. The UHF reader are much more costly than the NFC but have a much greater read range 60 feet+ depending on tag size and design. Software can be developed to allow the reader to be used to locate tags using RSSI signal returned for each tag which indicates the strength of the return signal from the tag. RFID readers can increase efficiency and accuracy when compared to manually read bar code readers which cannot read some bar codes if slightly damaged.