RFID Readers and Tags

Customizable EPC data for SKU's

RFID Tag ranges from 10 - 20 feet

Asset Management and Tracking

Inventory and POS systems

Access Control


Data streaming to servers

Amazon web services

Customized product designs

Low power BLE and Wifi

Linux Development

Smart Home Automation


Energy Monitoring Devices

Track energy profiles

Real time updates

Reduce energy costs

Commercial and residential

Manage Bills and Rate Increases

Embracing change takes risk which drives innovation.


Connected Devices

The home has become a lot smarter in the last decade. Appliances and devices used throughout our homes are now connected to smart phone apps and the internet. The internet of things (IoT) is a part of the internet which connects devices to cloud servers, software, dashboards and other devices using local and wide are networks either by wifi or network cable connections. These IoT devices can help us to monitor and control our homes remotely for things such as temperature, energy, lighting, security and automation along with many other features. Enutil Energy is developing new products and services for IoT to help our lives and homes run more efficiently and contribute to reducing harmful emissions affecting our environment.


Saving Devices

Energy costs are rising each year as our changing environment and aging infrastructure causes dramatic impacts on rates and usage. There are many options in choosing a monitoring system for your application and budget requirements. Cloud based software provides advanced algorithms and dashboards for easy management including detailed analytics, charts and profiles to assist you in reducing your budgets and re-allocating savings. Contact us to find out more on reducing your bills and carbon footprint.


RFID Devices

RFID mainly Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) is making its way into the retail industry replacing manual barcode systems. RFID readers and passive tags allow users to automatically update inventory in real time, increase efficiency and accuracy in inventory counts, reduce shrinkage, create smart stores with better information and more products geared towards customers needs. Enutil Energy develops RFID systems and solutions for various applications including retail, access control, loss prevention, security, item and event tracking and more. Contact us for your next design or implementation.